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Ikoyi SS3 Students Rape Worse Than the Abduction of Chibok Girls

The story carried by the Punch on Saturday 6th May 2017 of SS3 girls been publicly sexually assaulted in Ikoyi by their fellow classmates in what is described as a tradition is the greatest shame of all time that the Nigerian nation has witnessed since the abduction of Chibok girls. Trying to imagine school girls been held down by gang boys while the boys takes their turn is completely unacceptable.
That this happened in broad day light with other SS3 boys cheering their counterparts, security men watching the scene while others were recording the incidence is unthinkable. To say that this gang rape has been a long standing tradition where the boys rape the girls on the last day of their exams sums up the total collapse of public schools in Nigeria.
If this broad day gang rape happened in Ikoyi, one of the wealthiest community in Nigeria, one wonders what is happening in public schools all across Nigeria.
As an organization that is championing the education of children, we cannot but add our voice to the millions of Nigerians calling for justice on the behalf of these girls. If this behaviour represents the quality of education that these boys have received in the last six years, we are calling for the immediate dismissal of the school heads in these schools. All SS3 boys who participated in this gang rape must be given the maximum punishment prescribed by law.All the girls affected by this incidence must be given full University scholarship by the Lagos State Government.


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