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A Market Driven Approach to Free Universal Primary Education

In the space of PPP Infrastructure, Governments work with the private sectors to de – risk the investment where returns are insufficient to make the project investment friendly. Recently, Tunde Ekpekurede Foundation has begun work with Low Fee paying private primary (LFPPP)and ECD schools. Our experience shows that majority of these schools are not only run at a loss, but lack adequate infrastructure. As in PPP Infrastructure where Governments step in to fund the viability gaps, we think the various state Governments should step into LFPPP and do likewise. LFPPP have the highest returns of all investments any Government can make. In the United States, except elite schools, primary education, whether privately or publicly provided is FREE.

The model has created a market driven approach to free primary education where schools compete. We want to talk with State Governments on how this approach can be used to not only guaranty universal access to primary education, reduce the investment required to guarantee universal access to primary education, but also lift the quality from what it is today by over 300%. The private sector also has a role to play here and we believe that together, we can make Nigeria the envy of the world. For further engagement on this subject, kindly send ann email to info@ekpekurede.org or call 08099902933


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