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Teaching the Teachers Seminar Series – SPONSORSHIP REQUEST

Across a good number of public schools where we work with kids, teachers are very demotivated. In several of these schools, these teachers do not show up for work. Children who should be in class in a number of these schools just loiter around from 8.30am and go home by 11am. The situation is really sad.

The Tunde Ekpekurede Foundation is beginning a series of training for school teachers to help them get their energies back to school. We understand their plight; we know first-hand that they work in very difficult circumstances; but we also know that they can do more.

The first in a series of seminars and workshops with teachers of primary and junior secondary schools in Nigeria will be held from Monday 13th March 2017 to Wednesday 15th March 2017. Already we have received significant interests from several public schools who have registered to participate.

We are looking for public spirited individuals and organizations who will help us make the dream of a better Nigeria a reality. It cost N13,500.00 for a teacher to attend one of these intensive life transforming seminars. You can sponsor 1, 2, 10 or a 100 public school teachers and help our public schools come back to life.

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