Many young children are dropping out of school due to the limitations placed on them by their environment and lack of aspiration. Next Generation Kids University (NGKU) was therefore conceived as an interventionist educational program intended to help raise the aspirations of these young children (typical Age 8 – 13 years) through series of inspirational and motivational life coaching, special education curriculum, leadership and entrepreneurial development and exposure to environment and institutions of exceptional excellence.

The program is targeted primarily at disadvantaged kids from poor families in underserved communities who most often times do not have access to good education, lack aspiration to reach for higher goals in life and therefore continue to perpetuate the cycle of poverty in the society.

We choose to work with these young children because we believe that if special intervention of this kind is not carried out at early age, the poor mental programming ingrained at childhood will be very difficult to break when they grow up.

NGKU through this special intervention program therefore seek to build the innate confidence of these kids, help them to dream big to reach for the stars, and implant in their young minds the will and aspiration to become leaders of tomorrow.

We sincerely believe the world will see the amazing results of this novel initiative and our efforts in the nearest future.

Our Vision

We seek to raise the aspirations of young children to develop their God given talents and to live meaningful lives and achieve their fullest potentials.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and help raise the aspirations of at least 100,000 young children especially from poor and disadvantaged families over the next 10 years to enable them have equal chances at life and live to their fullest potentials.

Content Modules and Delivery

Life Skills and Leadership Development
  1. Leadership development
  2. Life foundation / Charactering building
  3. Critical thinking, Creativity and Innovation
  4. Entrepreneurship

Key objective: Inspire and re-orient the kids to a “can do” mindset to enable them aspire to leadership positions in their chosen fields

Basic Education Curriculum
  1. Basic Science, Technology and Mathematics
  2. Creative Arts;- Drama, Music, Fine art, English language / Literature and Public speaking,
  3. Vocational studies – Fashion design, Photography, Food and Confectioneries

Key objective: Reinforce learning modes of the kids through innovative content delivery such as – audio / video presentations, play acting and practice sessions.

Field Excursions and Sports

Key objective: To expose the kids to world class institutions and facilities to inculcate in their minds the consciousness and culture of excellence.

Pilot Study

The Next Generation kids University pilot program was conducted to explore and test the workability of the model we envisaged that will help meet the key objective of the initiative – Raising aspirations. The program took place between August 22 and September 9, 2016 at Adeje village in Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.

As we embarked on this intervention program, a fundamental question challenging this initiative was; what good is it to send economically disadvantaged kids to a world class school for 3 weeks and return them to the poor neighborhood from which they were taken in the first place? The purpose is aptly covered in a psychology phrase coined by Robert Fritz as “Structural Creative Tension” in his book, “The path of least Resistance for Managers” published in 1999. Fritz thesis was that once the brain was exposed to a higher reality, a tension is created between our current reality and a desired reality. It is the brain’s effort to close this gap that unleashes a natural determination and persistence in time in the subconscious mind.

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Tobore Angela
Tobore Angela

Next Generation Kids University has taught me how to walk on myself, standup for myself, standup to that voice, convince myself, to believe in myself, not to stop fighting because I got all it takes to this day.
Akpoyibo Olezioghene
Akpoyibo Olezioghene

My dream in life is to become a medical doctor and during our visit to Lily hospital in Warri, I learnt many things about the medical field like the surgical theatre, labour room, accident emergency ward etc. which I didn’t know before.
Onodje Goddowell
Onodje Goddowell

Next Generation kids has made me to believe in myself, never to give up even at point of death but to put more effort in whatever I do and always know that we are moving to the top most top of Mount Everest.

Help Get them Back to School

 “By appropriate coaching, motivation and inspiration coupled with early exposure to life influencers, we can harness the resources from these kids and build a better future” – NGKU