English Academy

The Tunde Ekpekurede Foundation has overtime sought to overcome the numerous challenges that poses a threat to the qualitative impact, education must have on the vibrant minds of children of indigenous homes and poor background. In the past, the foundation has provided scholarships to heavily under-represented poor families, where a talent has been identified with potential to redirect the trajectory of the entire family. Disadvantaged children who mostly end up in public schools with inadequate learning materials barely neither cope nor retain needed knowledge for the development of their emotional and intuitive intelligence.

Students learning English are disadvantaged by the scarcity of appropriate assessment instruments and a lack of personnel trained to conduct linguistically and culturally relevant educational assessments (Valdes & Figueroa, 1996). English language learners who need special education services are further disadvantaged by the shortage of special educators who are trained to address their language- and disability-related needs simultaneously.

In this vein, the Tunde Ekpekurede Foundation came up with the English Academy to fill the above stated gaps. We are committed to attaining the outcomes listed below that are strategically aimed at substantially improving the academic performance of poor children by developing their written and oral skills.

Aim of the Academy

Help supplement the learning process of children in public schools to better write and understand text in English Language.

Aid in developing and applying vocabulary knowledge as well as connect the new vocabulary to existing knowledge and experience(s) amongst disadvantaged children.

Aid children with Learning Disabilities (LD) improve their performance on word-recognition in isolation and in context.

Build the fluency of disadvantaged children in English Language and in turn build the self-confidence of these children in relation to their counterparts at high-end schools.

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence” – Abigail Adams

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