According to Plato, “The part can never be well unless the whole is well..”. Over time, when a house is vacant and unattended to, it falls into a dilapidated state. Simply because of the lack of care, yet other (unwanted) things start to grow and eventually depending on how long or how strong, the house falls into despair. The same can be said for our society today. Youths are constantly losing their drive for success and are quick to remind themselves of the harsh political environment and its effect on innovation. Patriotism, aspiration, motivation and morals are declining. Activation initiates action, intensity is the amount of effort given to that action, and perseverance is how long that intensity can be applied in the face of obstacles. Yes. Some things have more obstacles than others. A privileged person has far fewer obstacles than someone from a marginalised, impoverished group when it comes to obtaining important roles and jobs.

The Tunde Ekpekurede Foundation is totally committed to closing the gap. Because, just like a dilapidated house that once was left unattended, the next generation of this society is at risk of losing their drive for success, hard work and morals. A private school student might only have 10% the motivation to succeed as a public school student, but the public school student may have 30 times the obstacles to overcome, so the private school student still comes out ahead. But only a handful can afford to buy needed educational materials for their wards in public school. So this poses even greater risks for the future society. At the Tunde Ekpekurede Foundation, we are committed to raising the aspirations of children (at their early stages) to strategically reduce the chances of a dilapidated society as a whole. Where do you come in? :  You can help by making a donation for a disadvantaged child or two. You can also connect us via our telephone lines: 07032880806, 08099902933.

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