Izogho Samuel is a 10 year old boy currently in primary 6. Before Samuel enrolled into the Next Generation Kids University Pilot demonstration held in August, he suffered from low self esteem amongst his peers. He once made a grammatical error in his former school when attempted to answer a question raised by his teacher. His peers all laughed and teased him every morning in school. Since the incident, Samuel has found it hard to speak in public and often question every word he says even before he says them. Disadvantaged children who mostly end up in public schools with inadequate learning materials barely neither cope nor retain needed knowledge for the development of their emotional and intuitive intelligence.

Students learning English in public schools are disadvantaged by the scarcity of appropriate assessment instruments and a lack of personnel trained to conduct linguistically and culturally relevant educational assessments. The Tunde Ekpekurede Foundation has designed the English Academy to teach these disadvantaged children who often suffer from low self-esteem English language and provide special education services from our team of special educators who are trained to address their language- and disability-related needs simultaneously.

Since Samuel began session at the English Academy, he has since improved in his speech fluency and has surprising started coaching his peers on the best approached to solving their weekly team exercise. We deeply wish to witness this sort of change amongst the over 40 participants of our English Academy and we are committed to supplementing the learning process of children in public schools to better write and understand text in English Language, strategically aimed at substantially improving the academic and social performance of poor children by developing their written and oral skills. Why not lend Kids that hope to be like Samuel a voice? You can connect with us via our telephone lines: 07032880806, 08099902933 or you could kindly make a donation. We hope to partner with civic organizations, social agencies, key community influentials, and other public- spirited foundations alike.

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